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Union Pumps designs, consults, and installs clean and sustainable water systems. From well pumps to pressure tanks to water treatment plans, if it affects your water supply we’ve likely dealt with it. In 60 years, Union Pumps has dealt with the worst water the Fraser Valley has had to offer. We use this experience to provide you with water system you can trust.

Water Treatment

You could be looking for something specific, like how to desalinate your home water or adding carbon filters into your office’s water system. Or your could be thinking more broad, like how to get that weird taste out of your house’s water system. Whatever the reason, we have large and small scale solutions for all of your filtration needs.

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Well Applications

Pumps, Tanks, and Accessories

Living on rural land? It’s likely that your water is coming from a well. Union Pumps works with land owners, realtors, and residents to ensure your well water is safe and operational. With a large variety of pumps, tanks, and accessories to choose from, we’ll help you find the best combination for your needs.

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When you purchase from Union Pumps, you don’t only get the product, you get our expertise with it. We have a certified Red Seal electrician, Red Seal plumber, and a team of certified pump technicians ready to work on your system.

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Repairs & Maintenance

Full Installation

Emergency Assistance

Water Audits

Have questions about your water system? Get an expert’s advice. Book a free water audit for your home or office

Union Pumps holds all warranties for products and labour. There’s no need to contact the manufacturers. We handle the paperwork on your behalf and make the replacement process as easy as possible.